Grace DuVal is an independent fashion designer, photographer, and wearable artist. She is currently living in Chicago, IL where she is working on her master's degree in Fashion, Body and Garment at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
This blog is an account of her creations and life adventures.

Growing up, celebration was always an important part of daily life. Cheered on by my mom, every event, birthday, holiday, or exciting moment was embraced and celebrated with balloons, flowers, or a kitchen table with a special something on it.

One of my favorite events was our annual Easter egg dyeing, which usually took place at my best friend’s house. With a carton full of blown eggs and a table strewn with dyes, crayons, and markers, we would all go at it, adults and kids alike, decorating and drawing all over our eggs.

Even now I still love to celebrate. Even though I’m frequently stuck in the studio with all of my classmates, I decided that we needed an hour’s reprieve from the endless sewing and working that everyone is doing. Many of my friends here have never experienced Easter, let alone participated in the tradition of egg dyeing, so I decided to bring the party to them.

With a few quick decorations, an Easter basket, and food brought by all, we spent our Sunday afternoon listening to music and decorating eggs. It was great to pass on such a fun and important tradition to my friends, and to give all of us some happiness and relaxation in the middle of grad school mayhem.